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Play alongside anyone

Get fitter and make friends worldwide
Workout anytime from home
Get fitter playing with family & friends
A video game you want your kids to play



"CADEsport has been invaluable in me getting back my fitness. With the PHYSICAL EQUALIZATION® system, I can ride with anyone and stay motivated."

- Dr. Alison Kubota (click for video testimonial)

Play & Lose Weight Fast

Pedal away the pounds

You can lose weight while having fun



"I've lost weight [40lbs] in a healthy way and I am getting stronger both physically and mentally."

- Kayla Laguna (click for video testimonial)

Win Cash Playing Esports

$25,000 Prize Purse

offered in



"CADEsport brings the world of cycling and video games together in a unique way that immerses you like no other game."

- Malik Prince, Co-host, Mixer LFG Show

Play Inexpensively

All you need to ride* costs

$376 if you have a bike

$599 if you don't

* Does not include computing device or monitor

"We are driving down costs so everyone can play."

- Frank Garcia, CEO of Cycligent, Inc.

Play and Be a Star

Stream into broadcasts using

built-in one-click streaming


The Cade Difference

How CADEsport is Changing the Game

  • Free-to-play – enough said
  • Realistic Physics – steering, braking, cornering, crashing, drafting (including realistic pack dynamics), wind, and even different road surfaces all lead to a much more engaging experience where you are in control. CADEsport can be the best of simulations.
  • Supers, abilities, obstacles, animations and activity types further enhance gameplay and engagement.
  • The PHYSICAL EQUALIZATION® system - you can ride and race alongside anyone. On CADEsport, it is your effort, desire, and skill that makes the difference, not just your raw power.
  • Increased Confidence – Because of the PHYSICAL EQUALIZATION® system:
    • You know the person you are riding/racing with is putting out the same effort as you
    • CADEsport fairly supports a wide variety of equipment, including inexpensive equipment
  • Bling It Up – Cosmetic passes and premium activity passes are available for purchase in-game, as are individual rides, skins, emotes, merchandise, and hardware
  • CADEsport World Cup – World-class organization and racing for everyone, where anyone, no matter their strength, can win large cash prizes
  • Engaging activities
    • Low skill, medium skill, and high skill activities mean everyone from the newbie to the Cade Master can enjoy CADEsport
    • With Autopilot and/or Auto Supers as options, any activity becomes hands-free (no skill)
    • Different activity types – select from different activity types: ride or race, with elimination, or challenge; workout – Coming Soon!
    • Omniums (activity sets) with advanced points’ scoring and in-game displays
    • Recurring and scheduled activities – activities can be scheduled or made recurring (whenever enough people join, it will start)
    • From no supers to modified supers to abilities, the activity organizer has total control
    • You can create your own activities - Coming Soon!
  • In-game Audio and Video – Why type when you can talk? Why stop there, video conference with your team, or even stream into our broadcasts.
  • Esports for Everyone™ - Exciting-to-watch esports
    • High production quality broadcasts
    • In-game streaming (in and out)
      • Stream into the broadcast with one-click streaming from inside the game
    • Best commentators in Physical Esports™ virtual cycling
  • Never Ride Alone – Utilize Activity Bots to challenge, learn, or pace your rides
  • CADEsport Music Control – Listen to YOUR music while you hear the in-game chatter
  • CADEsport Companion App – For gameplay without a keyboard
  • Activity Tiles – Easy to sort, find and join the activity you want to do
  • Themes – Ride your favorite theme: road, mountain bike, or sci-fi, or be like most and enjoy them all
  • Customizable UI – Configure your screen elements the way you want
  • In-game lap (segment) leaderboards with filtering for friends or public, etc.
  • Map Builder – Build Maps and ride them, share them with a group, or make them public – Coming Soon!
  • It is very difficult to cheat in CADEsport
    • The PHYSICAL EQUALIZATION® system means increased power alone won’t help you because it just gets normalized, so tweaking your power source, or even adding a motor or doping won’t help you. In fact, it will make it more difficult for you.
    • Your weight and height don’t matter with the PHYSICAL EQUALIZATION® system
    • If you try and sandbag or incrementally improve your power with each race our data analytics picks that up
    • Users caught cheating are immediately banned